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Evidence of porn, short for pornography, can be found in early prehistoric cave drawings. Although, crude depictions of sexual intercourse and zoophilic encounters, it is interpreted by some as porn. Especially, considering all depictions in 8000 B.C. were crude drawings. Generally, all agree the modern form of adult porn video emerged with the advent of the printing press 1524, Marcantonio Raimondi published sixteen sexually explicit engravings that were painted by Giulio Romano and collectively titled the "I Modi."

From the sixteenth century until the nineteenth century, porn was depicted in erotic novels. However, in 1839 the daguerreotype photographic process was released in France. By 1846, a photo was found of a man having sex with a woman. The photo is currently housed at the Kinsey Institute.

The graphic qualities in porn improved consequently with technological advancements in photography. In 1896, the first porno film was produced, a French production titled "Le Coucher De La Marie," literally translated, "The Sunset of Mary." The silent film starred a woman performing a striptease ending with a couple having sexual intercourse. The movie apparently was a blockbuster! Adult porn now advanced into the twentieth century in the form of erotic novels, magazines, filmography, and photography.

Today, the Internet has become the preferred method of obtaining adult pornography, offered in private or interactive medium. Eroticism has reached levels only imaged twenty years ago, with adult video chat, streaming video, and downloadable content such as videos and image galleries.

Not only have the methods of delivery evolved, but also the variety of material offered. Porn has become quite diverse in content. For example, adult porn can be delivered to gratify three types of fetishes, media, form, and animate. Our porn has been divided into four mediums to satisfy those clients that seek content involving, amateur and professional, ethnicity, physic, gender and age. Moreover, we have then divided the website into eight directories:

Actually, this only covers a small portion of the multitude of sexual fetish media available from the porn industry today. Other fetishes, to name just a few, NOT provided by Porn SeXXX TV are, zoophilia, bestiality, pedophilia, autoerotic asphyxiation, and necrophilia. However, for those whose sex fetish fantasies we do try to satisfy with porn, we hope you enjoy our hardcore sex tube videos, erotic image galleries, site referrals, and porn cams.

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